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For nearly a decade, Songwriters Across Texas has aired locally in Austin. The show’s tenth season is currently broadcast in Central Texas and full episodes are streamed on YouTube on their airdate. The YouTube channel also features weekly content from the back-catalogue of previous seasons.

The show has generated nearly 120 episodes over eight seasons. In 2018, the show was acquired from Pitt Garrett by Bruce Craig of Lucky 7 Downloads, and has produced an 8th, 9th and 10th season under his leadership. Season 11 is currently under production with a release date of early 2024. 

Each episode begins with a preview of the artist as read by producer Karl Anderson, which leads into an opening performance by the artist. The interviews are conversations without a host that segue into historical footage, day-in-the-life, and live performances followed by closing credits.  The show consists of one artist per episode in a 30-minute format and broadcast on the CW weekly. 

Kendall Beard

“You guys have had so many incredible artists on here to even be part of something with the names that have been on here, it’s an honor.”

Dustin Welch

“Y’all are doing just extraordinary things. Thank you for everything you’re doing, and all of the rest of the crew, and team here, and everyone who’s participated in this. It’s an inspiring thing.”

Sarah Sharp

“I feel like super, like one of the cool kids, to get included in this. Seriously, thank you all so much.” 
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