Songwriters Across Texas (SAT) is a live musical event capture & television broadcast which features performances by both established & venerated music artists and talented, promising up and comers – each featured within their own exclusive thirty minute segment, all of whom are based in Texas.

The original concept of the show was created a decade ago, and during the time since, it generated over seventy-five hours of programming broadcast bi-monthly on Central Texas channels, and a content base of almost one thousand recorded songs.

Although the original program was confined mostly to the Country and Western genre -- a choice which restricted it to being a largely regional broadcast -- it is now the view that it should be looking across the board of music styles. The new show will reflect this choice, to include all of the tastes that are found in the broad Texas music palette.

In 2018, SAT was acquired from its original creators by a new Company, Songwriters Across Texas, LLC (a “sister” company of Lucky 7 Downloads, LLC), to freshen the SAT brand, by applying theatrical production values and improved artist curation.

This is seen to be a self realizing process where artists, recognizing that Producers have made a real commitment to producing a higher quality program will come to see an appearance on the program as being of value in furthering their careers. This applies equally to established artists who still want to be part of Texas’ constant cycle of discovery.

The Company has brought in an experienced production and creative team to guide this process, and has made a significant capital commitment to optimize from both a production and marketing perspective. The intent is to broaden the domestic appeal for commercial advertisers and broadcasters, and introduce an international component as well.

Airing Saturdays at 5:30pm on the CW Austin.